Charitable Activities

In our last missive we referred to Mr McBean’s previous activities in charitable organisations.  We shall expand now that on that statement.

Not so long ago, Mr McBean was involved with two charities.  Knights Millennium Foyer Limited (KMF) of which he was a director and Chief Executive, and as the principal in an unincorporated body called Knights Institute of Sports (KIS).

KMF were based at an old Police section house in Sylvan Hill, Norwood which was purchased with part of a £2 million grant from the Millennium Commission.  KIS were also based at former Police accommodation at Maurice Drummond House in Greenwich.

To complete the picture, Mr McBean was also the sole director of Knights Corporation Limited who were to be paid £9,500 per week by KMF during his tenure as Chief Executive and Director.

The Charity Commissioner eventually investigated KMF and KIS and their findings, which speak for themselves, can be found at

More about the ringmaster and his bunch of clowns and stooges to follow.


Clean Up Day For Clapton?

The ‘official’ club web site and twitter feed has recently announced a day in which supporters and the community are invited to come along to the Old Spotted Dog and clean it up, ready for the new season.

Normally, this would be a good use of supporters time but, before you pack yourself off to enjoy the banter and BBQ on offer, consider this.

The clean up is not the responsibility of Clapton FC, it’s fans or even the community.  The club itself merely holds a licence to occupy the ground on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

The responsibility for the ground lies with the private lease holding company, Newham Community Leisure Trust Limited.  This company have held the 99 year lease since 1992.

Over the years, the members of the company, which was a charitable Trust, have come and gone and subsequently the control of the Trust fell into the hands of Vincent McBean, and his group of associates, who seem to follow him around in his business and ‘charitable’ ventures

The responsibility for cleaning up the ground, the fences, the upkeep of dressing rooms etc lies solely with Mr McBean’s company.  One might presume that as Newham Community Leisure Trust Limited, are the recipients of pitch rentals, ground share agreements, the rental for the Vodaphone mast, the rent from the Tyre Warehouse (the freehold of which is owned by the Trust) etc and therefore could well afford the cost of regular upkeep of the ground.

However there are two current complaints which are being investigated by the Charity Commissioners in respect of the activities of the Newham Community Leisure Trust Limited.

Thus, having failed in their responsibility to up keep the ground to an acceptable standard. the Trust, under the guise of ‘Clean Up At Clapton” are asking for help in covering up their failings.

It may be more appropriate, given the current investigations, to rename the day ‘Clean Up For Vince’.

One should be aware that Clapton FC and the Newham Community Leisure Trust are two separate entities and to be involved in both can create a conflict of interest.  Mr McBean was informed of this by the Charity Commissioner in 2002 and has since ignored their advice.

Nonetheless, Mr McBean has significant experience with  the Charity Commissioners as he previously ran two other charities, Knights Millennium Foyer Limited (as director and then Chief Executive) and Knights Institute of Sports.  He was a signatory on the successful application by the former, for a grant of £2 million from the Millennium Commission and that, is another story upon which I will elaborate shortly.

He is also the Chair of at least one other charity.

For my part, if I can tear myself away from my family and the obligations of a summer Saturday, I shall be going to Crockenhill to support the team.

The ‘banter, music and BBQ can keep.

What Is Really Going On At Clapton FC ?

I recently came into possession of a bundle of documents relating to Clapton FC, a famous old football club in East London, that is being run by Vincent McBean who acts in the role of Chief Executive.

The documents make alarming reading, not only as to how the situation has arisen, but also how many organisations and people who blindly stood by and let this happen.

I know that others have tried to help the club but have come up against a brick wall.  I give them credit for keeping matters discreet so as not to expose the club or bring it into disrepute.  However, this situation needs urgent examination, investigation and exposure.

I have copies of a bundle of documents from those who have previously tried to resolve the situation and will have no hesitation in publishing these so as to make matters public and to justify any comment that I may make.

Unlike Mr McBean’s ‘official’ Clapton FC website, any comments, advice or responses are welcome. and will receive a response.